This innovative program offers you a 2-hour consultation. During this time we’ll discuss your ideas and requirements. I’ll also draw up an easy to follow plan detailing the layout of plants and materials.

A $150 fee is due at the time of the consultation. You’ll then be reimbursed by the Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) when your lawn to garden conversion project is successfully completed.

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I design gardens that are 100% Lawn Free by incorporating smart plants and natural elements. Enjoy your homes newest room. I manage the nursery at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek. I can supply you with the best plants in many sizes at the right price.

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Hi, I’m Troy McGregor.

I’ve been propagating, growing and designing with plants for the last 10 years. I began with our tough Californian Natives which are solid options for our local gardens. I then explored the many members of the Protea family from both South Africa and Australia before being bitten by the succulent bug.

I now grow, sell and design with all of the above. Are you are looking to create a lush garden without the inflated water bill? Lets talk.

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